• Knight's Tale (still from the film)

    Performance, 2006

Knight’s Tale

A lone knight without a horse bursts onto the screen and spends the next thirty or so minutes thrashing through the forest and tripping over his own feet. There are moments of exasperation and despondency and there are moments of vaudevillian misfortune. The knight appears to see enemies everywhere and yet none appear. His enemies are within and his battles are with his own masculine failure and existential predicament. Knight’s Tale is a film about the futility of male effort and the death of masculinity. Stuart has described this piece as his most accurate and truthful self-portrait. The performance itself took place in Epping forest, was entirely improvised and was filmed by Miranda Bowen. 

Director - Stuart Pearson Wright
Camera - Miranda Bowen
Editor - Leo Scott
The Knight - Stuart Pearson Wright