Stuart is now represented by Flowers Gallery

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Stuart is delighted to announce that he is now represented by Flowers Gallery.

Originally based in a former laundry/fur storage facility in Hackney, the gallery now has two spaces in London (Cork Street and Shoreditch) and one in New York (Chelsea).

Later this month, Stuart will take part in the 37th edition of the gallery's Small is Beautiful exhibition.

Small is Beautiful was first established at Flowers Gallery in 1974, presenting works by selected contemporary artists at a fixed scale - with each piece measuring no more than 7 x 9 inches.

On display will be more than 100 works by invited British and international artists, offering a rare opportunity to purchase smaller pieces by well-known names and discover new talents working across a range of media.

Stuart will be exhibiting two new works - The Man who found what he was looking for and Yarmouth Banger Racing - at the exhibition which runs from Thursday 28 November 2019 until Saturday 4 January 2020 at the Cork Street gallery.

Other artists to include:
Jane Ackroyd, Jose Aguilo, Joeun Aatchim, Paul Andrews, Glenys Barton, Glen Baxter, Oliver Bedeman, Harriet Bell, Alison Boult, George Blacklock, Jonny Briggs, Belinda Cadbury, John Carter, Samantha Cary, Mark Cazalet, Sophie Charalambous, Aleah Chapin, Movana Chen, Julie Cockburn, Nathan Cohen, Charlotte Colbert, John Crossley, William Crozier, Ken Currie, Lynn Dennison, Boyd & Evans, Ewan Eason, Jane Edden, Charlotte Edey, Amanda Edgcombe, Bob Edgson Elizabeth Enders, Mark Entwisle, Kristian Evju, Amanda Faulkner, Nancy Fouts, Anthony Frost, Naoki Fuku, Vanessa Garwood, Christopher Gee, Fiona Grady, Kate Giles, Mark Haddon, Friedemann Hahn, Maggi Hambling, Susie Hamilton, Mark Hanson, Rebecca Harper, Connie Harrison, Vicky Hawkins, Rachel Heller, David Hepher, Nicola Hicks, Carole Hodgson, Mark Houghton, Steve Ibbitson, Dianne Kaufman, Pru Kemball, Claerwen James, Lucy Jones, John Keane, Jinaun Kim, John Kirby, Tim Lewis, John Loker, Janelle Lynch, Shaun McCracken, John McLean, Ayumi Matsuba, Emily Mayer, Suchitra Mattai, Calum McClure, Dawnne McGeachy, Jennifer McRae, Ishbel Myerscough, Osman, Jiro Osuga, Claire Oxley, Freya Payne, Stuart Pearson Wright, William Pye, Duncan Pickstock, Stephanie Quayle, Carl Randall, Sinead Rice, Carol Robertson, Gill Rocca, Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury, Nicolas Sanchez, Tai Shan Schierenberg, Aleksandra Stone, Trevor Sutton, Renny Tait, Sinta Tantra, Janet Taylor, Emma Thomas, Jason Thompson, Emma Turpin, Mary Webb, Susan Wilson and Rob Wyn Yates.

For more information visit the gallery's website here.