Press cuttings

Title Publication Date
A letter to the times The Jackdaw 01/03/2006
The Wright stuff Artists & Illustrators 01/01/2006
News... The Jackdaw 01/10/2005
Stuart Pearson Wright on painting J.K. Rowling Face to Face - National Portrait Gallery 01/10/2005
My portrait's being done. It's time for some serious pouting The Daily Telegraph 10/09/2005
Biwitching likeness New York Post 09/09/2005
Next time, JK, get Lucian Freud or a digital camera Evening Standard 08/09/2005
JK breaks cover for art's sake Daily Mail 07/09/2005
A new perspective on Harry Potter's creator The Times 07/09/2005
The face of modern celebrity The Independant 07/09/2005
Portrait of the artist -Latest JK Rowling unveiled The Guardian 07/09/2005
New portrait is just wizard Daily Express 07/09/2005
Portrait of Potter author minus the magic Evening Standard 06/09/2005
Joy of socks The Sunday Telegraph 04/09/2005
One revival that should never have been staged Evening Standard 02/09/2005
Bin Ends The Jackdaw 07/08/2004
Young British Artists PRIVATE EYE 25/06/2004
G2 Shortcuts - Schonk of the new The Guardian 24/06/2004
Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Financial Times 16/06/2004
The value of art. It doesn't add up, thank God Jackdaw 01/06/2004

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